Enterprise Asset Management Solution & ISO 55000: Is your cart in front of your horse?

Horse Webinar Image Some municipalities consider implementing an enterprise asset management (EAM) software package to be the same thing as performing asset management. But are they really one and the same?

Up-front asset management planning is necessary to fully leverage an EAM system and establish a successful asset management program. One of the many definitions of asset management is the structured transition from simply maintaining assets to managing their entire life cycles. Asset management requires a shift in focus from ensuring an asset’s function to determining if it is performing at a stated level of service, within an acceptable risk tolerance and with an affordable life cycle cost. 

In this presentation, Shiv Iyer will discuss how to:
  • Shift focus from asset maintenance to asset life cycle management
  • Successfully implement an asset management program
  • Develop a program roadmap for ongoing success


E_170530_Iyer_Shiv_medium-1Shiv Iyer, Ph.D., P.E., PMP

Shiv Iyer is a Project Manager with Woolpert’s Information Technology and Management Consulting (ITMC) group. With 20 years of experience in engineering and asset management, both practical and academic, Shiv brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. While Shiv’s primary role is project manager, his experience allows him to also serve as an SME for enterprise management.