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CARES Act Funding Virtual Forum

Helping Local Governments Access and Maximize CARES Act Funding

Woolpert, a Platinum Cityworks Partner, is currently helping local governments access, maximize and expedite funding from the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. Woolpert's CARES Act advisory and implementation services enable municipalities to track, process, use and benefit from government resources dedicated to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic.

Watch the on-demand forum to hear Cityworks' George Mastakas and Woolpert’s Eric Dillinger and Shane Imwalle discuss topics such as:

  • CARES Act funding background and key requirements for cities and counties
  • How Woolpert can support local governments
  • Examples of various city and county approaches
  • Cityworks solutions approved for CARES Act funding
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Meet the Speakers
George Mastakas
Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and Corporate Partnerships, Cityworks

George Mastakas has 25 years experience bringing GIS-centric asset management and permitting solutions to local government and public service organizations. George is committed to providing GIS-centric solutions that help communities be more resilient, sustainable and safe—while increasing their levels of service and reducing costs along the way. The culmination of these efforts is reflected in the Cityworks software platform, where he has been involved in its inception, growth and expansion since 1996.

Shane Imwalle
Chief Strategy Officer, Woolpert

Shane Imwalle is responsible for assisting Woolpert’s CEO with developing, communicating, executing and sustaining corporate strategic initiatives while overseeing Woolpert’s Strategic Consulting group. Shane has over 30 years of experience in developing and implementing information technology solutions and is recognized as an industry leader for his ingenuity and expertise. He also specializes in identifying advantageous technology applications for clients.

Eric Dillinger
Vice President, Woolpert

Eric Dillinger has over 30 years of experience across a wide range of public- and private-sector markets providing planning, design, consulting and advisory services. His leadership experience includes serving as a global aviation market leader, head of federal growth and sales, manager of federal design services and the organizational lead for a 10-year strategic plan. Eric is a subject matter expert in asset management, condition assessment and life cycle performance with multiple publications with the National Academy of Sciences, professional organizations and public agencies.

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