Choosing an Integrations Architecture

Integrating Cityworks with other enterprise software can provide an amazing return on investment, and a wide range of tools exists for this type of integration. Understanding the pros and cons of different options, including short- and long-term costs, shelf life and staff maintenance burdens, will help you make the right choice for your organization.

Listen to hear Woolpert Project Manager, Miles Kelly, and Application Developer Team Lead, James Lloyd, provide guidance on:

  • Evaluating your needs based on the complexity of your integration(s), including one-way sync and bi-directional workflows, as well as risk tolerance
  • Tool options for off-the-shelf versus custom development, APIs and webhooks, ETL software, enterprise service bus platforms and more

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Meet the Speakers

Miles Kelly

With over 20 years of experience, Miles Kelly has worked in nearly every aspect of Cityworks projects. Miles’ current role on projects is multifaceted, ranging from requirements gathering to training, and from programming to testing. She has built integrations for Cityworks and Accela AMS with a wide range of software, including financial, purchasing, project planning, customer information and utility infrastructure management systems. In addition to facilitating communication between clients and the project team, developing applications and migrating data, she also produces technical documentation, such as software design specifications, deployment plans, test and acceptance plans, testing scripts and administrative user guides to aid in implementation, testing and training. 

James Lloyd

With 26 years of experience in software and system development and integration, James Lloyd wears many hats. Officially, he leads the application development team within Woolpert’s Technology Services group, but his extensive technical skills enable him to work alternately as a phase manager, systems analyst and developer as projects demand. James has spent the past 10 years deploying and integrating Cityworks with customer service and billing systems as well as custom GIS solutions.