Discover location-centric cloud solutions to transform your business processes, workforce efficiencies and overall customer experience.


As a trusted Google partner, Woolpert strives to understand your goals and prioritize your success. Our dedicated, Google-certified team is ready to support you throughout your Google experience. Let us simplify your day-to-day tasks so you can focus on differentiating your business.


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We handle simple and complex licensing needs, including managing multiple procurement workflows, scaling customer billing, customizing invoices and offering exclusive pricing beyond Google’s estimates. We empower your business with experience and insight.

  • Maps: Build customized, agile user experiences with familiar, favored maps.
  • Routes: Help users analyze distances and travel times between multiple points for the best course from A to Z.
  • Places: Empower users to discover the world with the most comprehensive and accurate point-of-interest and geolocation database.
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Since Woolpert achieved Google Premier status, we have continued to invest in our people, processes and technologies to support you with the highest level of cloud expertise. Woolpert leverages Google Cloud to help our clients build, scale and manage their location-based solutions.

  • Build secure and efficient cloud strategies.
  • Accelerate app innovation and modernization.
  • Create intelligence from data.
  • Address business challenges.

We help you navigate the organizational change associated with adopting Google Workspace by analyzing your organization, engaging executive sponsorship, and developing and executing communication and training plans. Work faster AND smarter with Google Workspace.

  • Communicate and collaborate effectively with Chat, Meet and Drive.
  • Create projects in real time by editing Docs, Sheets and Slides on the go.
  • Store, organize and share files faster, easier and more securely.
  • Manage users, data and devices with layers of Google’s world-class security.
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Backed by the power of Google, and with vast experience in retail, service and transportation, Woolpert has the tools and knowledge to transform routing and delivery across your business. Our highly-skilled professional services team can also help you with solution integration, security and app modernization.

On-Demand Ride & Delivery is a delivery and ride-sharing solution for customer journey sharing, driver navigation and optimized dispatching. With On-Demand Ride & Delivery you can:
  • Dispatch drivers to respond to requests for rides and deliveries.
  • Match available drivers with nearby requests.
  • Consolidate trips to/from the same location or arrange multiple stops for the same customer.
  • Assist drivers in navigating to pick-up/drop-off locations.
  • Monitor driver locations and trip progress in real time.
  • Identify the most efficient pick-up/drop-off points.
Cloud Fleet Routing creates accurate delivery plans at Google scale and speed, resulting in:
  • A managed routing service that evaluates your complete list of orders, vehicles, constraints and objectives and returns the most efficient plan for your entire fleet in near-real-time.
  • Accurate route suggestions with virtually unlimited waypoints for multiple vehicles that factor in predictive and real-time traffic conditions.
Last Mile Fleet Solutions offers turn-by-turn navigation for drivers optimized with accurate, real-time ETAs for customers. Last Mile Fleet Solutions allows you to:
  • Execute a full day of delivery tasks with efficiency.
  • Navigate drivers along pre-planned routes.
  • Monitor fleet vehicle locations in real time.
  • Provide shippers and receivers with real-time delivery vehicle locations and accurate ETAs.
Built by Woolpert on Google Cloud, GeoAwareness is a quick-start solution for capturing customer location data in near-real time. Using predefined geofences, GeoAwareness alerts your team to approaching consumers and initiates service and fulfillment processes. Streamline internal processes and improve customer experience by providing quick and efficient curbside pickup. We can help you stand up the GeoAwareness solution in your own cloud environment and integrate it with your existing order management systems.
  • Scalability and security: Grow with confidence knowing you are backed by GCP.
  • Location knowledge: View accurate, precise customer locations with near-real-time data.
  • Geofence alerts: Customize geofences and receive notification of approaching consumers.
  • In-house hosting: Manage and monitor data in your own Google Cloud project.
  • Data analysis: Integrate with spatial insights/Spatial BI to get the most out of your data.

New and long-time GCP users alike can benefit from implementing specific best practices. To this end, Woolpert created Cloud Essential, which focuses on security and collaboration solutions.

  • Google Cloud Identity provides identity and access management best practices.
  • Popular Google Workspace Essentials apps such as Drive, Docs, Sites, Meet and Chat for collaboration and easy management of Everything Google.
  • Includes everything in Cloud Essentials Starter.
  • GCP landing zone design and implementation based on the Google Cloud Foundations model.
  • Includes everything in Cloud Essentials Workload and Cloud Essentials Starter.
  • Customized to meet large/global enterprise requirements such as:
    • GCP governance and CoE- established policies and metrics to horizontally manage everything Google. 
    • Artificial intelligence/machine learning strategy and roadmap.
    • Security and compliance audits.

Map locators are a common use of the Google Maps Platform and can be found across a variety of industries. Example applications include store locators in the retail space, restaurant locators in food and beverage and office locators on an About Us page. Woolpert specializes in building custom map locators with Google Maps for best-in-class website and mobile app map experiences. We also solve the challenges of hosting your data with Google Cloud and keeping it in sync with your systems of record.




Data is big, alive and extremely valuable. We step in to make it simple, accessible and applicable. Our data engineers help organizations capture data; perform ETL; and design, plan and execute data modernization. To support the visualization reporting and intelligent consumption of enterprise data, Woolpert offers products (such as Looker) and services to help your data analysts and business leaders make informed decisions. In addition, Woolpert helps organizations develop AI/ML roadmaps; establish MLops; design, model and deploy AI/ML solutions.


Woolpert can help you review and improve both cost and performance for your Maps and Cloud projects. In hands-on workshops, we address key client concerns about their overall utilization and efficiencies. 

Deliverables include:

  • Identified areas for optimization that matter to the client 
  • Initial, achievable actions on those optimizations
  • Plans for subsequent deployment work as next steps

Woolpert offers cloud-first custom app development. Our developers can build specialized product-quality software to support your needs,  including publicly visible apps and private software for large-scale use. We also ensure that customers can maintain their apps over time. Leverage Google Cloud’s end-to-end platform to accelerate your developer productivity, simplify operations, and build security and compliance into your software delivery process.

  • Gain speed with reliability and security.
  • Focus on code instead of managing infrastructure.
  • Reduce risks with open-source technology.

As a leader in the geospatial industry, Woolpert helps clients with their specific location-based geospatial project needs. As enterprises modernize their business critical applications and products, Woolpert professional services can provide cloud-native engineering consulting and project resources. Our cloud engineers are certified across various public cloud platforms and specialize in Google Cloud products and services such as Google Maps and Google Earth Engine.


In addition to helping organizations that go Google with Google Workspace across a robust set of licensing options and often with partner promotional pricing options, Woolpert can help migrate your mail, calendar, contacts and cloud drive data. Whether you're moving from Microsoft 365, another Google Workspace domain or any other platform, Woolpert can help your organization manage the ups and downs of  technical, staff and process change management.