Woolpert X Hexagon 

If you are seeking high-quality data to supplement your orthophotography program, look no further. Woolpert has joined forces with the HxGn Content Program to provide on-demand, downloadable access to Hexagon's entire aerial imagery catalog.


High-Resolution Imagery

The HxGN Content Program provides imagery at 15cm resolution in urban areas (populations over 50,000) and 30cm resolution for wide-area coverages. This level of detail provides a good foundation for making informed decisions, even as landscapes change and become more complex.


On-Demand Service

From books to television shows, on-demand access to services has become a way of life, and high-quality aerial imagery is no different. This data streaming service enables immediate, 24/7 self-service access to the latest professional grade orthoimagery.


Cost-Effective Solution

Our goal is to reduce the cost of aerial imagery by minimizing the need for custom acquisitions and trips to the field. The HxGN Content Program's flexible pricing models and yearly subscriptions make this product accessible to everyone. 


Rigorous Quality Control

We guarantee high-quality imagery that meets and/or exceeds international standards. We employ industry-leading HxMap post-processing software by Leica Geosystems, and all aspects of ortho rectification, seam lines and color correction are controlled rigorously.

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