Industry Leading Geospatial Services

Remote Sensing

Woolpert is an industry-leading provider of geospatial data collection services. We merge decades of experience with a complete suite of technical resources to deliver geospatial projects on time and within budget. We provide the following data acquisition services (including simultaneous collection of multiple datasets):

  • Aerial lidar
  • Bathymetric lidar
  • Color infrared
  • Digital imagery
  • Hyperspectral
  • Mobile mapping
  • Multi-spectral
  • Oblique aerial imagery
  • Sonar
  • Terrestrial scanning
  • Thermal imaging
  • Traditional photography

Award-Winning Lidar Capabilities

We are known for the quality and accuracy of our lidar data. Our aircraft-mounted equipment indiscriminately samples everything in its path—trees, cars, buildings and of course, the ground—to obtain accurate multi-look and foliage-penetrating measurements. 


Shifting Clients to the Geospatial Cloud

Woolpert Cloud Solutions

Woolpert Cloud Solutions provides a new way for organizations to grow sustainably by delivering data, analytical services, packaged applications and third-party solutions through public and hybrid clouds. Cloud Solutions empower you to:

  • Realize the operational benefits of cloud delivery
  • Use scalable data science to answer focused business questions
  • Offload complex software to a team of system and reliability architects
  • Integrate industry-leading third-party services into your core business

STREAM:RASTER is a breakthrough platform for hosting geospatial imagery in the cloud. Request a demo to discover its power and to learn more.

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