Woolpert, Inc
Texas Strategic Mapping Contract

Getting Started


For geospatial products and services, customers shall first contact the TNRIS Strategic Mapping Program at StratMap@twdb.texas.gov before submitting a statement of work, obtaining quotes or issuing Purchase Orders to DIR Vendors. .


Generate a purchase order made payable to Woolpert, Inc.


On your purchase order, reference Woolpert's DIR Contract Number,

Woolpert Warranty and Return Policy

Woolpert warrants to Customer that all services and labor furnished under this contract will be performed in accordance with the standard of care and diligence normally practiced by recognized firms of this type in performing services of a similar nature, free from defects which would not normally be found in work of this nature, and that the work will be of good quality , and in strict conformance of the contract.  Work not conforming to the contract requirements may be considered defective, and Woolpert will remedy any material deficiencies or defects in the deliverables within 30 days of receipt of notification of such deficiency or defect.  

Contact Information

Sam Moffat
Geospatial Program Director | Geospatial Services
D +1 (865) 621-2984 | Sam.Moffat@Woolpert.com